My job is helping you be better at yours!

If you are here, it is because you want to lead — your life, your team, your organization — with more ease and grace. You've come to the right place!

You are a leader

Individual Coaching

You are a leader…

You are successful, good at your job, but…

  • maybe it isn't quite as fulfilling as you'd like
  • takes too much energy and space in your life
  • relationships and performance feel a bit stale

Do you want more confidence? A compelling presence? Less stress? Greater connection and alignment with your mind, emotions and body? Do you want more ease and grace in challenging situations and conversations?

Are you curious about what you can do? You can do something and I can help!

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Individual Coaching

You are the leader of a team


You are the leader of a team…

It's all OK, but…

  • the team isn't really pulling together
  • there's too much drama and not enough collaboration
  • or it just needs a little 'reboot'

Do you want a team that works better together? A team that shares a sense of purpose, has each other's back and holds each other accountable? A place where each one is enjoying his or her work and knows they are in the right place?

Are you curious about what you can do to influence them? Do you want a dynamic team event? Reach out and let's talk about this!

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You are a decision influencer or a decision maker

Leadership and Organization Development

You are a decision influencer or a decision maker and you want the leaders in your organization to be better equipped to lead in today's world. You want your leadership team to actually act as a team. And, you want a healthy organizational environment that supports everyone showing up at their best.

Maybe you can't quite put your finger on it — but you know there is more room for ease and grace in your organization. Do you need training? Coaching? Team coaching? Team building? A change process? A rapid organizational assessment (ROA)?

Whatever you need, you are looking for a partner who understands individuals and organizations, has a solid perspective on how people develop and change, and appreciates that individuals and teams don't work in a vacuum.

My work as a consultant, as someone who designs and delivers training and as a coach reinforce each other! Let me support you in finding the approaches that will work for you!

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Leadership and Organization Development


Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

In my individual coaching I will work one on one with you to address your challenges whether they are making an immediate shift in your performance, enhancing your longer term perspectives or maybe even transforming your vision of your role, your approach or your contribution.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching

In my team coaching, I emphasize the need for the team to learn how to be an effective team as opposed to learning about being an effective team.

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My facilitation engagements include supporting meetings, team building events, and the design and delivery of team retreats. I take the time to understand the uniqueness of my client and their issues to design the best suited intervention to achieve the desired results.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

My interactive leadership development training programmes are based on a solid foundation of how adults learn with a taste of creativity and intuition thrown in. I design, deliver and tailor make our programmes for each client resulting in a pragmatic and useful programme leading to positive and sustainable change in a leader's behaviour. Participants are middle to senior level managers.

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Organization Development

Organization Development

In my organization development (OD) work, I support managers in navigating the space between aspirations and reality, and help them keep the human side of change and their stakeholders front and centre.

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What my clients are saying

Judith's amazing talent allowed me to unblock the situation I found myself in!

A. Janssens Read more

The work with Judith opened a new world to me! Judith is such a competent, warm, intelligent, and authentic person that it is so easy to learn from her.

Dorothea Read more

There is magic in working with Judith.

Laura Secada Daly Read more

Judith is unique... I love the way she subtly introduces ideas and options to think about, and then leaves them with me to think about until our next session. I leave my coaching sessions with her feeling empowered, filled with positive energy. Most of all, I have overcome the “impostor syndrome” so many of us women feel in high-management positions.

Rabia Ferroukhi Read more

Judith has an amazing ability to recall key discoveries and weave them into current conversations at the right time, she listens!

Dina Saleh Read more

Judith and her colleagues came with lots of suggestions but on the other hand carefully listened to our needs and proposals.

Daniela Kabiljo Read more

Working with Judith has been a transformative experience. I highly recommend Judith’s coaching services to anyone seeking professional growth and development. 

Gina Read more

Judith has done an amazing job with my team

Elena. Board Director, Vitality Group Read more

Judith and her colleagues are seasoned professionals who bring state of the art knowledge. I can recommend their services to any team or international agency.

Markus Pilgrim Read more

The group was unanimously impressed by Judith’s practical insights

AZ Read more
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